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August 20, 2014 Front Page Headlines

WCS Reduces Tuition Rates
Non-resident families who want to enroll in the Waterville Central School District will pay a lot less than originally planned. Rates dropped $350 a year for elementary students and $1,000 a year for junior-senior high students. Students who use the BOCES Career and Technology programs will save $1,750 a year, as the board eliminated that category of tuition rates. Tuition costs for 2014-15 at WCS will be $250 for elementary students and $500 for junior and senior high students. At last week’s WCS Board of Education meeting, board members took another look at the tuition rates that had been set in the spring. After a few years of allowing non-residents into the district, this coming school year will be the first that all new families will pay tuition to do so. In the spring the board set the rates as $600 for students in elementary school, $1,500 for students in junior and senior high school and $2,250 for high school students who used BOCES Career and Technical program. The rates were set lower than what the state recommends. State tuition recommendations are $601 for general elementary and $7,118 for junior-senior high, and $3,937 for BOCES elementary and $10,454 for BOCES junior-senior high students. When a student outside the district attends Waterville, the state aid the student’s home district would receive for that student is paid to Waterville, Business administrator Tracy Leone said. However, Superintendent Chuck Chafee said since that form of state aid has been frozen since 2008, the actual aid will not be received until the aid is unfrozen. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Residents Get Fracking Vote
Town of Brookfield residents will get to vote yes or no in November on whether the town should allow hydrofracking. While the results will be non-binding - state law does not allow for a voter referendum on the matter - Brookfield will take the vote as an indication of what the board should do, Supervisor John Salka said. At last week’s monthly board meeting, Salka said the town will put up a straw vote during the Nov. 4 elections. He said doing so has several advantages. “It is the largest collection of people for one thing we can get,’’ Salka said, adding the town always had strong voter turnout for elections. The vote will be conducted at all three polling places in Brookfield. He said while meetings on the subject usually brought out 40 to 50 people, most of those people spoke against hydrofracking. The controversial method is used to extract natural gas from the ground. “No one will feel intimidated because it is anonymous,’’ Salka said. “However it goes will set board direction.’’ Councilman Dewitt Head said he has wanted a townwide system for input all along on the issue. “I think this lets everybody have an equal say,’’ he said. Several of the 20 or so residents at the meeting said they also supported the vote. The wording of the ballot question will be kept simple, Salka said, but has not been determined. In his report, Salka said the town will see a 23 percent hike, or about $10,700, in its payment to the state Retirement System for town employees. The town will pay about $56,000. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Pride In Their Work

The Pride of Workmanship award has been presented annually by Rotary clubs for about 20 years. It recognizes employees who demonstrate a keen sense of responsibility to do the job right the first time, with a commitment to excellence that has a positive influence on their organization and community. Waterville Rotary Club vice president and director of the Waterville Library Jeff Reynolds and Club secretary Larry Hitchock presented the 2014 award to Waterville Library assistant directors and co-award recipients Amanda Briggs and Jill Getman. Briggs’ grandmother Phyllis Wolf, mother Laurie Reeder, husband Brian and children Ella, Lincoln and Liam, along with Getman's parents, Bill and Sue Getman, joined in the celebration at a dinner last month at Michael's Restaurant.

At The Finish
Volunteers at the fifth annual Ruth Allen Memorial Run/Walk in Marshall greet a runner at the finish line near the train depot. The event kicked off Marshall Day in the town.

Madison Meeting Scheduled
Madison Central School will hold an informational meeting Tuesday, Aug. 26 at 6:30 p.m. to review the construction schedules and safety plans for the Energy Performance Project and the Security Safety project which began in mid-August. For details, go to under the Superintendent’s page.

Raccoon With Rabies In Augusta
A raccoon that tested positive for the rabies virus may have exposed a family's pet dog to the virus in the Town of Augusta. A resident noticed that a raccoon that was acting sick was close to her dog. The raccoon was killed by the residents, and although no people were exposed to the wild animal, it is unclear if the family's dog was exposed. The family faces a difficult decision because their dog was never vaccinated for rabies. New York state Law requires that pets lacking a current rabies vaccination undergo a strict six month quarantine, or euthanasia.

Manager At White’s
John Harrington joins White’s Farm Supply in Waterville as the new store manager. He brings 25 years of management experience in the agriculture and retail businesses. Harrington is a Central New York native and is married with three children.

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