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April 23, 2014 Front Page Headlines

Just In Case
The Waterville Area Volunteer Ambulance Corp has new devices in case of heart attacks at area sports events. The Waterville Teachers Association and the Tower Foundation raised money for the AEDs to be at youth sports events, such as Pop Warner and AYSO games. WAVAC member Kathy Fitzgerald thanks Mark Perrin, a Waterville teacher, who was one of the brave volunteers in the dunking booth at Cruise In to raise money for the devices.

Teaching Teachers
This school year, elementary teachers in the Waterville and Brookfield school districts have met to share ideas and questions on how to best teach under the new Common Core standards. Teachers meet once a month in one of the districts after school to discuss curriculum and how they approach teaching various topics. Recently, Jodi Cognetti and Jennifer Gates went to BCS, joining Connie Green and Sabrina Denton in talks about teaching reading and writing. Brookfield’s other elementary teachers had their own discussion on a new way to subtract with fractions.

Marshall Culvert Needs Work

On April 8, the Marshall Town Board met. Resident Joe Kane asked about the status of a damaged bridge culvert on Route 315 near Sally Road. The Department of Environmental Conservation got involved because there weren’t fish ladders on the stream. According to the DEC, the culvert cannot be finished until the fish ladders are built. The town had a permit to finish the repairs, but the DEC yellow-flagged the culvert. The cost of repairs increases significantly if the ladders are built. Board members said they needed more information to come up with a plan. Town Supervisor Morrie Sturdevant said if the J.B. Smith Co. had one more day for the work, the cost would have been $40,000. During the water report, it was learned the samples that were taken out of the tank got messed up because of an air bubble in the sample. Board members discussed the reasons for special use permits required in the town. For activities, board members said they want to stay away from garage sales, church suppers, firemen’s benefits and events along those lines. They also want to avoid requiring a special permit if the number of people involved is right for the activity. Upon reaching a certain threshold, then organizers would have to get a permit. This would avoid extra paperwork and unnecessary running around, board members said. Highway Superintendent Bob Welch said buckets are ordered and are about two weeks out. Trash days are May 1, 2 and 3 from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. A large furnace is going to be started up to remove condensation from the town Highway Garage. The furnace has not been working correctly. Board members said they were going to hire engineers for documentation on why the furnace does not work correctly. Ford Road, Burkett Road, Lewis Road, Durant Road and Brouillette Road all need to be sealed and fixed. The roads were patched last October and are already wearing down, Welch said. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Brookfield Considers New Trucks
The Town of Brookfield could have its entire fleet of Highway Department vehicles under three years old if a proposal to buy two new trucks is approved. At last week’s Town Board meeting, Highway Department Superintendent Robert Piersma outlined a way to use incoming revenue, budgeted money and trade-ins to buy two new trucks and a new roller. The board has set a special meeting for April 23 to consider the idea. Piersma said the town is getting $26,000 more in highway funds this year, helping put the department’s budget in the best shape it has ever been in. Because of the new vehicles purchased in the last two years, maintenance costs are down significantly, he said. He said the town has two trucks - one a 2010 model, the other new in 2011 - that are valued at $125,000 each. The town owes $80,000 to pay off both, which were purchased for $160,000 each. Piersma said the town’s roller, about 35 years old, needs up to $10,000 in repairs. Last year the town rented a roller at a cost of $4,000 a month. Piersma said there is interest in buying the 2010 and 2011 vehicles; using that money and other budgeted and incoming revenues, the town could replace the two new trucks and roller. This year the town budgeted $130,000 toward equipment. The money would go toward downpayments, with the idea, Piersma said, of trading in the vehicles in a few years for new models. By trading them in or selling them, the town would get a sizeable selling price, which could be used for a downpayment on the new replacement vehicle. “This is the best plan I can come up with to put us in a progressive program,’’ Piersma said. He said spending money to fix up old equipment is not efficient. “It’s not money well spent if you know it won’t last,’’ he said. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Budget Not Yet Passed
The 2014-15 budget for the Village of Oriskany Falls has not yet been adopted. Board members will vote after a public hearing April 21. It was incorrectly stated in the Times last week that the budget had been approved.

Help With Cleanup
Earth Day volunteers will be meeting at Marshall Town Hall Saturday, April 26 at 8:30 a.m. to clean up litter on Route 12B south. Please join us to clean up this thoroughfare of the community.

Town Of Augusta
At the March meeting of the Augusta Town Board, discussion took place among board members and residents in attendance regarding the Oneida Indian land claim settlement. Board members said they are waiting on answers to several questions. Oneida County Legislator Colin Idzi, who was at the meeting, discussed his understanding of the settlement and what it will mean if the town signs the agreement. The town transferred all town funds to NBT as Berkshire Bank no longer accepts municipal accounts. Board members voted 5-0 to donate $150 to the Village of Oriskany Falls for the annual fireworks show for the Fourth of July. Because the town’s zoning laws need updating, the board asked Codes officer Gary Schreppel to provide suggested changes in writing. After the 90-minute public session, the board spent 15 minutes in executive session discussing personnel.


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