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March 25, 2015 Front Page Headlines

Our Champions!

New Mayor In Oriskany Falls
Steven Jeffers won a write-in election and will take over as the next mayor of the Village of Oriskany Falls. In last week’s village elections, Jeffers tallied 24 write-in votes. He did not have a line on the ballot. Incumbent Mayor John Misiaszek received 12 votes. The new mayor takes over April 1. Incumbent trustees Gerald Pedersen and Brian Bell were re-elected with 32 and 31 votes, respectively. Jeffers received a write-in vote for trustee. In the Village of Waterville, all three incumbents on the ballot won re- election. Mayor Ruben ‘Gene’ Ostrander will serve another term after received 165 of the 265 votes cast at the polls and the 19 absentee ballots filled out. Challenger Elizabeth Kenny Barnes received 115 votes. Trustees Tom McNamara and Bruce Treen return for another four-year term. McNamara received 172 votes and Treen 161. Challenger Craig Manderville received 155 votes.

WCS Board Sets Budget Outline
Kindergarten would remain a funded program in next year’s Waterville Central School District budget even as the Board of Education searches for places to cut. Kindergarten is not required, but at a special budget workshop last week, all seven board members agreed that it would be offered in 2015-16. The board also discussed the status of other non-mandated programs and tried to set priorities to make up a gap between expenses and revenues. While the board appears ready to leave kindergarten as is, the discussion did include returning to two half-day pre-kindergarten classes. This year the district made one class a full day. As of last week, Waterville and all school districts continued to put together budgets without knowing state aid revenue for next year. The state budget is due April 1. Using this year’s budget and projected expenses with revenue staying the same, Waterville faces a $1.1 million gap in funds. Under a rollover budget, expenses would be $16.8 million. Waterville’s tax cap for next year allows for a 4.45 percent increase in the tax rate before needing 60 percent of the vote for approval. Board members discussed a tax rate hike close to the cap. “What are we willing to ask the taxpayers before we discuss the depth of our cuts,’’ Board president Bud Dorr asked. “I’d rather use the maximum cap and fund balance before we make cuts.’’ Board member Russell Stewart strongly took the other view. “I can’t do that, not even close to that,’’ he said. “I don’t want to put 4 percent out there. It would be a negative reaction. People elect us to work out the budget.’’   For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

New Park Sign Expected Next Week

The electronic sign for the Village of Waterville could be in place next week. Weather permitting, the sign will be installed April 1, said village DPW Superintendent Jamie Bechy at last week’s village board meeting. The sign will be installed in the Village Park on Route 12 and Madison Street, replacing the manual one in place for years. Using computer technology, the new sign will feature one color and be programmable from Village Hall. In other matters, the board briefly discussed allowing people to park on just one side of Madison Street. Trustee Tom McNamara said maybe the one-side ban could be just when school is open; trustee Scott Woodhouse said it should be year-round to clear up congestion when people use both sides. In response to a question from Liz Kenny Barnes, Mayor Gene Ostrander said the village board has not received the recommendation from the Planning Board regarding the Putnam Street apartment project. Ostrander also said Mohawk Valley Edge will try to facilitate a meeting between the owner of the former CVS property and a person interested in bringing a grocery store to the village. Codes officer Whitey Brown said he received a complaint by a White Street home owner whose garage was hit by snow falling off the roof of the neighboring house. Brown also said he could not do anything about people doing inside house projects, such as plumbing and electrical, without obtaining the proper permits. Bechy said the DPW crew would fix a water leak found on White Street near the entrance to Waterville Library. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Village Of Oriskany Falls News
At the January meeting, Village of Oriskany Falls board members discussed the New York Main Street Grant the village received. A grant of $250,000 will help improve businesses in the village. Thoma Associates was hired to administer the project at a cost of $18,000. They were the only applicant to submit a bid. Regarding the village’s housing grant, the board received a letter from George and Anne Moon showing their appreciation of the grant. Their home repairs and upgrades are completed. According to the village the other four homes still need work; they may be completed in the spring. There are an additional four applicants in the bidding process. A house at 175 Madison St. in Oriskany Falls was torn down last month by the homeowner. At the board’s February meeting the question came up of who was responsible for cleaning up the lot. In other matters, Nicole Legacy has joined the Oriskany Falls Fire Department. Trustee Brian Bell wants a separate meter at the Waste Water Treatment Plant to monitor electricity used, saying he does not agree with the information in the monthly report. Shrier-Martin Process Equipment representative Jim Coyne gave costs regarding the Maple Avenue pump. It will cost $1,422 to fix the pump, $455 for the pump evaluation and another $1,200 to install overload relays. Clerk/Treasurer Amber Bell is looking into the financial situation of the Sewer Fund. The Village has a sewer Reserve Account of over $18,000, but it is uncertain of that money can be used to fix the pump. The board voted 4-1 to order one pump from Ground Water System for $1,259 to put in Benjamin Stuttard house, the last house on the Village Water System on College Street. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!



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