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June 24, 2015 Front Page Headlines

Music Centered, Science Focused
For 16 years, Vinnie Elacqua’s role at commencement put him behind the stage handing out water to thirsty graduates. This year, he said at Saturday’s 141st Waterville Central School graduation ceremony, they let him come out from behind the curtain. Elacqua, an English teacher at the High School, gave the commencement address. “Mr Ryan, get me a water,’’ said Elacqua to his teaching colleague at the start of his speech. To the delight of the 71 graduates on stage and a packed auditorium, Mike Ryan strolled out and handed Elacqua a bottle of water. From that start with humor, Elacqua skillfully turned his speech to the class into a poignant reminder to treasure the people who hold them in their hearts. Waterville’s ceremony involved a few touching moments, including a moment of silence for Waterville Board of Education President Bud Dorr, who died Thursday. After consulting with the graduates, Elacqua said they had chosen his longer option. He began by telling about a dream he had last month about his father, who died seven years ago. Elacqua said after his dad died suddenly, he missed out on having a final exchange and one more time to hold him. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Raucous Meeting Concerns Future Of Waterville
When the Waterville Village Board denied a proposal to build apartments on Putnam Street, some local business owners said that sends a strong message against other future development. “I question whether some of you understand growth,’’ said business owner Tom Eisenhut. “We need growth. I don’t think your decision on the apartments was for the greater good of the community.’’ At last week’s Village Board meeting, about 20 people showed up; some spoke against the board’s 5-0 vote on the apartments, while others reiterated the project was not a good fit for the former Waterville Mill site. During much of the meeting board members heard criticism about progress in the village; several times Mayor Gene Ostrander had to ask for quiet when audience members had side conversations or argued with each other. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

The Longest Day
Waterville Library hosted its third annual Summer Solstice Party with music, ice cream and star gazing, albeit on a cloudy and cool night, last week. Roc Langone of Roc-Star Ice Cream scoops out a bowlful for the next customer to make a sundae.

Board President Bud Dorr Cared for Students

Forty-two feet. On the night of Tuesday, May 17, 2011, Waterville Central School District Board Clerk Julie Ingalls unrolled a spool of white paper 42 feet long, by unofficial estimates that night, or about half the length of the High School cafeteria. On that paper lying across the floor 362 people had all written the same thing. Each person had cast a write-in ballot for Bud Dorr to return to the school board. Dorr’s support was so strong that he finished first in a four-person race as the only candidate not on the ballot. In an unprecedented school board and budget vote, people waited in line for up to an hour to vote. That night returned Dorr to another stint on the board, which ended last week when he died of the cancer he shouldered with grace, dignity and directness. Dorr spent the last year on the board serving as president. In all, Dorr gave 13 years as a school board member, including a previous term as president. He came back in 2011 during a time when the usual trusting relationships between the district and community and the administration and teachers had both eroded to the point of taking the focus off the good things going on in the district. The turnaround began the previous year, when longtime board members Russell Stewart and Susy Quayle returned to the board after retiring years before. They helped convince Dorr to put together a write-in campaign.


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