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April 16, 2014 Front Page Headlines

Village Approves Budget
Village of Waterville taxpayers will not see a change in their tax bills for this coming year. The Waterville Village Board voted 4-1 last week to adopt the 2014-15 budget of $996,532. The tax rate is $11.10 per assessed $1,000, same as last year’s rate. That rate stays stable even though some village employees received raises. Mayor Gene Ostrander said the raises still do not bring the salaries for those positions up to what they were previously, when other people had the jobs. The raises raised some objections, with one coming from Trustee Tom McNamara, who voted against the budget. A few village residents attended to also speak against the pay increases. Paul Holic asked if the board had looked at the entire package village employees receive, including benefits. “Availability of vehicles, those things, were they considered,’’ Holic said. “I heard someone on the board say we’re going to have the best DPW around. That costs money. Good is Ok, we don’t need the best.’’ Holic also asked if the village had thought about using another town’s dump truck rather than purchasing one, by way of the Shared Services agreements the village has with other municipalities. Village resident Lorena Lenard said she concurred with Holic’s statements. Revenue for the coming year includes $383,931 in property taxes, $205,000 in sales tax from the county and $52,879 for fire contracts for other municipalities. The village will also use $187,647 out of its fund balance toward expenses. Expenses include $30,600 for insurance, $100,437 for DPW salaries, $141,000 for paving, $56,000 for a skidster and $66,070 for garbage salaries. The water service budget is $396,693, with $181,125 coming from metered service and $117,168 out of the fund balance. The sewer fund is budgeted at $360,263, with revenues of $301,000 and the remaining coming from the fund balance.  For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

National Honor Society
The 78th annual National Honor Society inductions at Waterville High School brought 20 new members into the Kappa Chapter. New members are Jessica Albright, Edwin Brennan, Megan Eastman, Kristen Gallagher, Hannah Gray, Tessa Hildreth, Brent Hopsicker, Abigail Lamont, Anders Larson, Rylee Maxam, Joshua Murphy, Allyson Murray, Alexander Nasypany, Eli Olmstead, Kylee Parker, Brooke Roman-DiMare, Brett Salvaggio, Jennifer Still, Miranda Stockbridge and Halie Weaver. Tracy Leone, business administrator for the district, was the guest speaker. Members Cassandra Perrin, Jonathan Piersma, Jessica Scoones, Rachel Petrie and Chloe Keating talked about the characteristics associated with Honor Society.

BCS Rate Will Exceed Cap Limit

Even with a minimal increase in expenses and a bump in state aid, Brookfield Central School still has a gap for next year’s budget between revenues and expenses. At last week’s BCS Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Jim Plows said the district will go over the state’s set tax cap limit. This year that limit is at 1.61 percent; a a percent increase on the Brookfield levy equals about $12,000. Expenses for 2104-15 are expected to increase less than half a percent compared to this year, which comes to about $27,000. At the meeting Plows reviewed the 25 items that have significant changes from this year. These include: Pre-k costs going up $5,500; Teacher salaries going down due to a retirement An increase of $5,000 in the cost for substitutes. Plows said the requirements for Common Core are taking teachers out of the classroom more than in the past. In conjunction with that, BOCES services will increase $13,000 for needs related to Common Core. Special education programs will see a $72,000 decrease. Plows said this is entirely due to changes in placements of students based on their needs for next year. Computer expenses will go up as a grant for this decreases. Workers compensation costs will drop $5,000. Health insurance costs will go up $24,000 The hours for the Buildings and Grounds department will be reduced The budget also contains $110,000 for the purchase of one large school bus. Also in the spending plan for next year is $95,000 to address the water filtration system as required by the county. The board has a couple of options that will be discussed at the next meeting. The project will be eligible for state aid. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!

Village Adopts Budget
The 2014-15 Village of Oriskany Falls budget goes into effect May 1. It was the last piece of business discussed before Trustee Brian Bell motioned for the board to enter executive session at last week’s reorganizational village board meeting. Mayor John Misiaszek congratulated and welcomed new trustee Ben Stuttard and then the meeting started. The appointments were accepted at the start of the meeting before the board unanimously passed designating NBT Bank as the town depository following the local Berkshire Bank branch’s no longer taking municipal accounts. The NBT branches’ locations in Clinton and Hamilton made for the best situation, the board agreed. The board discussed and unanimously passed the policy for calling special meetings. Two board members and the mayor can call special meetings. There was one vote against paying bills in advance of the next payment because of apprehension of some potential charges. The board voted on maintaining its procurement policy. It was previously updated in 2010. There was one no vote from Bell on the policy remaining the same. “I’m disagreeing with the policy on principle,” Bell said. “Not because I think it’s being misused.” The board unanimously passed its Investment policy and procedure. The board voted to raise the money in the purchase order policy account from $100 to $250. The money in the account helps avoid overspending. The harassment in the workplace policy wording was changed and reviewed. The board will try and find out if their wording of the policy is up-to-date. The Drug-Free workplace policy passed unanimously. For the Complete Article, Click Here to Subscribe!


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