Waterville Fire Department

The Waterville Fire Department proudly protects 5,000 people living in an area of 49.16 sq. mi. The department operates out of one station that protects a primarily rural area. The fire department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

The Waterville Fire Department is the community oldest organization. The Waterville Fire Department was established on April 24, 1829, some 42 years before the Village was incorporated. According to early records the first fire chief, back then they were called engineers, was George S. Wills. Engineer (Chief) Wills lasted 2 days and then resigned and Alinzu Andrews was elected Engineer. Throughout the years the Waterville Fire Department has maintained two companies within itself. Their names have been changed from the Fountain Hose #1 and the Steamer Company #1 to the Sanger Hose Company and the Waterville Tower Hook and Ladder to the present names of the Hose Company and the Hook & Ladder Company.

Prior to 1872 the fire equipment was stored in various locations throughout the Village, fireman’s barns and blacksmith shops. In 1872 a two-story brick building was erected at 127 White St. (the site of the Frontier dial office). The ground floor was used for the engines and the second floor was used for meetings. For a long time the Village lockup (jail) was in the basement. On top of this building was a large bell used to summon firemen to an alarm and later to designate the start of a meeting. This bell now is mounted on the side lawn of the current firehouse.

As the fire trucks increased in size, it became increasingly difficult to maneuver them into the narrow White St. station. So the building housing the Yonkers Ford garage was purchased in 1960. The building was remodeled and the fire department then moved to Main St.

After spending 30 years in that location the firehouse was again getting to small for the newer and larger fire trucks.

So in 1990, the Fire Department moved into a new firehouse at 222 Main St. (present location). This firehouse provided more room for the equipment with some extra space for additional equipment. The building is equipped with an auxiliary generator which will power the building in case of a power outage, making it an emergency evaluation site if needed. Throughout the building the Waterville Fire Department history is displayed in the form of old pictures, parade ribbons, fire equipment and antiques that hang on the walls and cases as the Fire Department proudly displays its past.

Our present fire equipment includes and one emergency/rescue truck, two pumper tankers, one pumper, one EMS rescue and one salvage/rescue pickup. These trucks are fully equipped to meet all current regulations. Because of the increase in fire equipment safety standards and regulations required by law, maintaining and continuously up-dating this fleet has become a very expensive part of the Village budget. The money to operate the fire department comes from the Village of Waterville taxpayers and taxpayers of the Town of Sangerfield and parts of Town of Marshall. The fire department currently has about 50 active members and is always in need for more volunteers.

As it has always been, the Waterville Fire Department is involved in almost everything that happens in the community. It has been said that the fire department is “the hub of the community.” The Waterville Fire Department has always and always will serve the fire district proudly and professionally.


2013-2014 OFFICERS

Chief: John Wright

1st Assistant Chief: Aaron Barnes

2nd Assistant Chief: Will Beach

Ladder Captain: Mike Roys

Ladder Lieutenant: Shawn Jandreau

Hose Captain: John Salvaggio

Hose Lieutenant: Matt Belfield

Fire Police Captain: Dominick Colucci

Fire Police Lieutenant: Jason Sigsbee

President: Chad Barth
Vice President: Dominick Colucci
Secretary: Jarrod Waufle
Treasurer: Kevin Kelley




HOOD $ 20.00

COAT $ 895.00

PANTS $ 785.00


GLOVES $ 65.00

BOOTS $ 175.00

PAGER $446.00

AIR PACK $6000.00

CAMERA $4840.00

GAS METER $ 165.00

TOTAL $13651.00