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Our store is open every Wednesday from 10 am to 4 pm. and every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.

Satellite Store located at the Waterville Times office at 128 E. Main Street.

Loomis Gang Video $23.95 ea.

Loomis Country Tour Map $1.95 ea.

WHS Glass Hop Mug $5.00 ea.

WHS Hop Coffee Mug $6.00 ea.

Canvas Hop Bag $8.00 ea.

Waterville area Hop Map $4.50 ea.

Post Card Booklet (28 PC of Waterville) $4.50 ea.

PO Box Wooden Coin Banks $34.95 ea.

Loomis Gang Tee-shirts M-XL & XXL yellow w/ black LG Logo $12.00 ea.
WHS Logo L & M Ash $10.00 ea.
"I Rode With the Loomis Gang" Tee-shirts $18.00 ea.

Books -
"A Star in the Window" Signed by Louis C. Langone $21.50 ea.
The Loomis Gang by Walters $23.00 ea.
The Loomis Gang Booklet by Cowen $7.50 ea.

Prices include 9.50% NYS Sales Tax - We will ship - include $4.00 handling with your order.