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Records Management

Ruben Ostrander
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Scott Woodhouse
Deputy Mayor/Trustee

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Tom McNamara

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Brian Bogan

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Bruce Treen

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Anthony (Jamie) Bechy

DPW Superintendent

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William Brown

Codes Enforcement

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William Getman

Village Attorney

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Robert K. McNamara
Village Justice

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The Waterville Village Board members would like the residents of the Village of Waterville to know that if they have any questions or concerns they should feel free to contact any board member.

At  every board meeting, time is set out for public participation and  citizens are given an opportunity to address the board. 

The regular  meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month and they start at 7 p.m.




Unofficial Board Meeting Minutes of 9-4-13,
to be approved at the 9-16-2013 Meeting


In attendance: Mayor Ostrander, Trustees Treen, McNamara, Campbell, CEO Brown, SPW Bechy, VA Getman, T/C Knoeller, VJ McNamara,

Absent: T Woodhouse, work

Public: P Louise, C&B Supinski, C&J Stephenson

1. Mayor Ostrander called meeting to order at 7pm with the Pledge of allegiance.

2. Approved the minutes of the Aug 5, 2013 meeting, M Campbell, 2nd Treen, carried.

3. Approved abstract #8-23-13 & #9-4-13, M Treen, 2nd McNamara, carried.

4. Approved Purchase Orders M by McNamara, 2nd by Treen, carried.

5. Treen made a motion to pass by resolution to allow C/T to secure financing for the Dam decommissioning project on Upper White Street in the amount of $130,000 and with an interest rate not to exceed 2%. Motion 2nd by McNamara, carried. Getman would start the process.

6. Approved bandstand use application for Laymon on September 14, 2013.

7. Old Business – T McNamara brought up the lack of attendance for the bands saying we need to think about it for next year.

8. Public participation – C Stephenson suggested asking local business’ to donate to the band money fund, therefore being able to afford more noteworthy bands which would draw a bigger crowd. He also suggested contacting someone at the county or state level to have the fee waived for vendors in the park, maybe attracting a few more vendors. He also asked about the new dog control laws. Mayor Ostrander told him he had a rough draft that the board would review for the next meeting.

9. Dept Heads –V Justice informed the board he would be holding a jury trial on September 16, 2013 and would have to hire a bailiff.

CEO – Brown told the board he was still having problems getting lawns mowed on foreclosed properties. The mayor said if it didn’t get done soon the Village would mow and place a charge on the taxes. Brown asked if we were going to proceed with the FEMA flood law, Getman explained that we are in the process and he would have something for C/T shortly.

DPW – Bechy reported the paving will begin on Friday September 6, 2013. He reported Zielinski started the dam decommissioning on September 4, 2013. Bechy explained the drainage backup problem on Tower Street and that he would like put in another catch basin and replace the line. He estimated the cost to be $3100. Treen asked if he had the money in the budget, Bechy said he thought so but before the year end a transfer may have to be made. Bechy explained to the board that he had been approached by Bridges to Prevent Tobacco about receiving free signage for the parks if the Village adopts a policy to have all parks tobacco free. He gave the board a copy of the proposed policy. The board agreed to review the policy for the next meeting.

VA – Getman – Mayor Ostrander asked what was necessary to be done to proceed with the Putman St. property as far as a right away to the houses on Tyler place. Getman said he would have to look at old deeds and possibly deed them a right away.

T/C Knoeller - Nothing at this time

10. Trustees – McNamara asked why B McNamara had vacation time on the payroll verification sheets. Mayor Ostrander explained according to the employee handbook she was given benefits. Knoeller explained they were prorated according to how many hours she worked.

11. Mayor – Ostrander told the board he would like to have the CEO be capable of writing appearance tickets for property violations. Getman said that he would have to check the NY state codes that were adopted to see if he was legally able to. If not we would have to pass a local law to enable him to be able to. Ostrander gave the board members a draft of what he thought the dog laws should be, he asked they review them and bring ideas to the next meeting.


8:00pm Treen made a motion to adjourn the meeting, 2nd by McNamara, carried. Next meeting September 16, 2013.