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DPW Superintendent

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Village Attorney

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Village Justice

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The Waterville Village Board members would like the residents of the Village of Waterville to know that if they have any questions or concerns they should feel free to contact any board member.

At  every board meeting, time is set out for public participation and  citizens are given an opportunity to address the board. 

The regular  meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month and they start at 7 p.m.




Unofficial Board Meeting Minutes of 11-4-13,
to be approved at the 11-18-2013 Meeting


In attendance: Mayor Ostrander, Trustee Woodhouse, Treen, McNamara and Campbell, CEO Brown, SPW Bechy , T/C Knoeller, VA Getman

Public: P Louise (late) S Sambora, R Mack, B&C Supinski

Mayor Ostrander called the meeting to order at 7:00pm with the pledge.

2. Approve October 21, 2013 regular meeting minutes, M Woodhouse, 2nd Campbell, carried.

3. Approve abstract #11-4-13 , M Treen, 2nd McNamara, carried.

4. Approved purchase orders, M McNamara, 2nd Woodhouse, carried.

5. Passed by resolution Water Improvement Project Funding.

Old Business – None

Public Participation – Rita Mack asked the board if she could have extended time to clear the unregistered vehicles from her yard that she had been cited for. The board agreed to give her until December 31, 2013 to remove them. Rita Mack reassured the board she was not moving all the unregistered vehicles from her Conger Ave property to her Berrill Ave. residents.

Stan Sambora asked how the the sale of Village property was going. Knoeller said there had been a few inquiries on the Putnam Street property but nothing serious. There has been an offer on the 54 acre parcel on Upper White Street as well as the 45 #2 dam parcel. Both of which were going to be discussed in executive session.

8. Department Heads CEO Brown said the person at 144 E Bacon who has been cited for the 2 large dead trees that are falling on the sidewalks causing a serious hazard. The owner stated she did not have the funds to remove the trees. VA Getman was going to investigate what the Village’s options were for addressing the problem. In the meantime Brown was going to see if he could find someone to take it away as firewood.

DPW Bechy asked on behalf of Bill Staelens if the Mason’s could have permission to sell Christmas trees in the park again this year. The board agreed to allow the Mason’s to conduct the sale. Bechy said he has had several conversations as far as the tree bid was concerned. He felt the best decisions was save the large Oak tree on Babbott Ave. by lifting the sidewalk and grinding the stump and replace the sidewalk, and removing another tree on White Street from the list of trees to be removed. By removing the two trees it would bring the tree removal bid to the budgeted price of $7000.00. A motion was made by Campbell to award the tree removal to Top Notch Tree Services for $7000.00, 2nd by Treen, carried. Bechy reported the cost of the inspection to get an estimate to have the water tower repaired is $5323. He explained a part of that cost is because they have to a lift truck to access the damaged area. It is believed insurance will cover the cost minus the deductible. Bechy’s final report for the evening was the need to order 2 fire hydrants and 4 valves. During a fire in the previous weekend one hydrant broke and another needs to be replaced. A motion was made by Campbell to allow Bechy to order the parts he needs, understanding the money needed, $6700 will have to come from the fund balance because it was not a budgeted item; motion was 2nd by Woodhouse, carried. Bechy explained he removed one older broken hydrant from use on Tower St. with the thoughts there were sufficient hydrants close enough for any coverage that may be needed and the hydrant was on the older lower sized / pressured water line.

T/C Knoeller reported the sexual discrimination charges brought against the Village by Sheila Buschor through NY State Division of Human Rights has been ordered dismissed and the file closed by the Human Rights Division on the grounds of no evidence of discrimination.

VA Getman suggested having the land on Putman St. surveyed to move forward with selling it. He also said the housing on Tyler Ave have a 12 feet right away in front of their property. The Village needs to consider this when selling the property. Getman was going to move forward to have the property surveyed.

9. Trustee - Campbell gave board an update from Thoma Development Consulting. There was some concern that 3 recipients have not returned their commitment letters to accept the grant. Campbell said he would contact Rich Cunningham at Thoma to have them contacted.

Mayor Ostrander - Said we needed to a motion to go into executive session to discuss the sale of real property, motion was made by Campbell to go into executive session at 7:46 pm,2nd by McNamara.

Executive Session:

Next meeting November 18, 2013, 7:00pm.