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Scott Woodhouse
Deputy Mayor/Trustee

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Tom McNamara

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Brian Bogan

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Bruce Treen

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Anthony (Jamie) Bechy

DPW Superintendent

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Codes Enforcement

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William Getman

Village Attorney

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Robert K. McNamara
Village Justice

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The Waterville Village Board members would like the residents of the Village of Waterville to know that if they have any questions or concerns they should feel free to contact any board member.

At  every board meeting, time is set out for public participation and  citizens are given an opportunity to address the board. 

The regular  meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month and they start at 7 p.m.




Unofficial Board Meeting Minutes of March 17, 2014,
to be approved at the April 7, 2014 Meeting


In attendance: Mayor Ostrander, Trustee T McNamara, B Treen, S Campbell, VA Getman, DPW Sup. Bechy, T/C Knoeller, D/C McNamara, Asst. F/C Barnes

Absent, Woodhouse – personal

Public D Atkinson, J Brouillette, M Robok, B Tanner, S Crandall, L&G Lenard, C Chaffee, D Metzler, P Holic, B&C Supinski, M Thomas,

  1. Mayor Ostander opened the meeting with the pledge at 7:00pm
  2. Approved abstract #3-17-14, M McNamara, 2nd Treen, carried.
  3. Approved purchase offers M Treen, 2nd McNamara, carried.
  4. Chuck Chaffe gave a brief overview of the upcoming proposed capital project at Waterville Central School.
  5. 7:17pm, Opened public hearing on water rate increase. L Lenard questioned the rate of increase on the agricultural rates. The mayor said that a village resident had recently acquired a large sum of cows and didn’t have a meter so the per head needed to be reestablished. P Holic questioned the fund balance in the water fund. Mayor Ostander said we would discuss that during the public hearing for the budgets. Closed the public hearing 7:23pm.
  6. 7:24pm, Opened the public hearing on the financial budgets for the 2014/2015. L Lenard gave an overview of her calculations with percentages increases of the budgets and wages. She asked that the board revisit the budget and see if there were cuts that could be done. She questioned the equipment purchases and asked if the plan was to add another vehicle to the fleet. Bechy explained that there would not be additional vehicles; the plan was to replace existing vehicles. P Holic also questioned the equipment purchases. L Lenard said she was concerned there was too much of the fund balance being used to meet the needs of the budget. D Metzler said he was concerned because we had not raised taxes in 3 years and he knew there were things the village would need to be addressing in the future. T Campbell stated he believed this to be a re-leveling year for the Village. The fund balances has grown over the past few years and was comfortable with the expenditures. M Ostander explained the village was starting to address some things that have been neglected in the past. P Holic asked why shade trees were so expensive in the upcoming budget. Bechy explained that was for tree removal. P Holic closed in asking the board members to use some budgetary restraints when revisiting the budget. Mayor Ostrander thanked the crowd that was there and asked that they come to more meetings. Public hearing closed 8:17pm.
  7. Approved the equipment request from the Waterville Fireman’s Auxillary to use the Village Municipal Hall’s chairs for the upcoming pancake breakfast, M by Treen, 2nd by McNamara, carried.
  8. Old Business – None
  9. Public participation – None
  10. Department Heads
  1. Fire Chief Asst. Barnes gave a brief overview of Knox Box, a key locking system for business owners that would give the fire department quicker and easier access and higher security.
  2. Super DPW – Nothing
  3. Village Attorney Getman – Sale of Putnam St. property going to close shortly.
  4. C/T Knoeller – Just a reminder she would be at a conference all week and the office will be closed Wednesday, the 19th and Friday 21st.
  1. Trustee Report – Campbell thanked the board and Mayor for all the assistance over his years as trustee.
  2. The Mayor announced that the village hall custodian had resigned and asked if anyone knew of anyone who would be interested to contact the Village Hall. The mayor then thanked Sean Campbell for his years of service as a Village Trustee.