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Records Management

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Deputy Mayor/Trustee

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Tom McNamara

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Brian Bogan

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Bruce Treen

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Anthony (Jamie) Bechy

DPW Superintendent

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Codes Enforcement

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William Getman

Village Attorney

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Robert K. McNamara
Village Justice

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The Waterville Village Board members would like the residents of the Village of Waterville to know that if they have any questions or concerns they should feel free to contact any board member.

At  every board meeting, time is set out for public participation and  citizens are given an opportunity to address the board. 

The regular  meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month and they start at 7 p.m.




Unofficial Board Meeting Minutes of 8-5-13,
to be approved at the 9-4-2013 Meeting


In attendance: Mayor Ostrander, Trustees Treen, Campbell, Woodhouse, CEO Brown, SPW Bechy, VA Getman, T/C Knoeller, FC Wright.

Absent: T McNamara, family sick

Public: SSambora, P Louise,

1. Mayor Ostrander called meeting to order at 7pm with the Pledge of allegiance.

2. Approved the minutes of the July 1, 2013 meeting, M Campbell, 2nd Treen, carried.

3. Adopted the American’s with Disability Employment Policy, M Woodhouse, 2nd Campbell, carried

4. Adopted the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, M Treen, 2nd, Campbell, carried.

5. Approved abstract #8-5-13, M Woodhouse, 2nd Treen, carried.

6. Old Business – Treen asked Bechy if he could access Big Creek to move around the gravel and Bechy said he hadn’t heard that they could. Treen asked where we stood with dog control. Mayor Ostrander said he was making final adjustments to a revised list of regulations he would like VA Getman to review first. It was discussed as to how to address the dog control issue. A motion was made by Treen to pay per occurrence for dog control issues that were not covered by the townships, 2nd by Campbell, carried.

7. Public participation – None

8. Dept Heads – FC Wright asked permission to proceed with a matching grant application for a new Honda pump with various attachments; M by Woodhouse to proceed, 2nd by Campbell. He also asked about a FEMA grant but did not have any costs associated with it available. Wright told the board he was sending trucks for inspections with Jerome and was having the air packs inspected. He also said the brake job for #429 was going to be between $2000 and $2500, the work being done by Don’s Garage. The money would come out of truck maintenance. Wright also presented the board with an application for a Jr. member, Cody Lindfield. M made by Woodhouse to accept, 2nd by Treen, carried. Bechy asked Wright what the dept was going to do with #426, older rescue van. The board asked Bechy to put it on Auctions International.

CEO – Brown said he expected 3 large building permits by month end; he was having problems with getting foreclosed properties lawns mowed and that there was a sewer back up problem on Main St. that should be addressed by the next morning.

DPW – Bechy told the board the road project was scheduled to be paved the week of August 19, 2013. He told the board the insurance claim for the wind damage to the water tower was in progress. Woodhouse asked Bechy what the purchase order for the garbage truck tires was. He explained the vendor would give him a discount rate of $400 per tire for tires that had less than 1000 miles vs. $441.76 for brand new ones.

VA – Getman asked for a short executive session for possible litigation.

T/C Knoeller told the board all the approval and denial letters fo the NYS Main St. grant had been mailed to all the applicants. The applicants had until August 16 to return the required documentation and deposit.

9. Trustees – No report

10. Mayor – Ostrander said he will be talking with the new dog control officer as soon as the regulations were final. He asked VA Getman if it was ok to advertise the property on Putman St. for sale he said it would be. The board agreed to list it on the Village website.

Motion by Woodhouse to end regular meeting at 7:31 pm.

7:32 pm Executive Session VA Getman informed the board that Sheila Buschor has filed a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights of sexual discrimination against Gene Ostrander and Kevin Kelley in regards to bus driving for summer recreations program.

7:45 pm came out of executive session

7:45pm Mayor Ostrander closed the meeting, next meeting Wednesday September 4, 2013 7:00pm