Rules and Regulations Governing the
Collection of Garbage, Recyclables & Trash
Within the Village of Waterville


  1. Garbage, recyclables and trash will be collected on different days. The village provides a collection calendar
    with each utility billing. Collection will begin at 7a.m. Any excess trash or green waste is the responsibility
    of the homeowner to dispose of.

  1. Garbage will be collected on Monday and Thursday of each week. When a holiday falls on Monday, pickup
    for that week will be Tuesday and Friday. When a holiday falls on a Thursday, pickup for that week will be
    on Monday and Friday.

  1. Recyclables will be collected on Wednesday of each week. When a holiday falls on Monday, pickup for
    that week will be on Thursday.

  1. Trash will be collected on the first Tuesday of each month. If a holiday falls on Monday, for that week
    collection will be on Wednesday.

  1. Metal items including appliances will be collected the second Tuesday in February, May, August, and

  1. All garbage and trash must be put into dump-able containers or plastic bags weighing no more than
    50lbs. each and should be placed at the curb no earlier than 6pm of the day before the designated collection
    day and must be removed from curb no later than 8:00pm on day of collection.

  1. Green waste will be collected on the third Tuesday of the month, April thru November.  Grass clippings and
    green waste must be set out in a dump able container weighing less than 50lbs. Brush, not more than 6 inches
    in diameter, must be tied in bundles no more than 5 feet long, weighing no more than 50 pounds. There is a
    limit of 6 bundles per pick up.

  1. Two (2) thirty two gallon (32 gallon) containers not to exceed 50lbs of building materials, such as roofing,
    siding, boards and plaster board will be collected on trash days. Concrete, blocks, bricks, stones or any
    other masonry products will NOT be collected and must be hauled away by the owner.

  1. Tires are not collected at curb side. A fee will be charged for each tire and must be paid to the Village Clerk
     before dropping off at the garage at the Village Garage on Conger Ave. during normal work hours.

  1. Leaves will be vacuumed up by the village crew when they are raked onto the terrace during the
    months of October and November ONLY. All other months of the year they must be placed in containers
    for dumping on green waste day.

  1. No garbage, leaves, grass, recyclables or trash is to be put into the street at any time.

  1. Ashes, coals or any previously burned materials will be taken only if the are properly extinguished and
    cold to touch, and will be picked up on normal trash days.

  1. All recycles go in one lidded container; you do not need to separate them. Do NOT put in bags or
    bundle them. Container must not weigh more than 50 pounds. Rules for collection of recyclables are
    per the requirements of Oneida/Herkimer Solid Waste Authority. If possible we ask that plastic containers
    be flattened, this cuts down on bulk.

  1. Holidays observed by the Village that may change collection schedules are: New Years Day,
    Martin Luther King Day, Presidentsí Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Columbus Day,
    Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Updated July 15, 2011

If you have any questions
do not hesitate to call 841-4221.